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Drag & drop email builder for Notion.

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Email Architect provides a complete system to re-think the way you brainstorm, plan and write e-mails.

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Built with Notion, Email Architect is the first of its kind; a workspace for any type of business sending emails regularly, from brand promotions and sales blast emails to value-packed newsletters.

You control the writing process, not the other way around

Pumping out great content is easy at first, but the more you do it, the more ideas you're gonna need.

That means your idea tank is going to run empty (if it's not already), and you'll be stuck in pain with writers block unable to produce anymore emails.

... but, what if I told you there was a solution to that?

Enter Email Architect...
Email Architect offers writers more control of their creative processes to not only write better emails, but to store templates, components, subject lines, map out sequences and layout entire email strategies all from one digital place.

Who will benefit from Email Architect?


Are you writing sales emails to your customers, or running a newsletter? Let me guess, a ton of notebooks at your home office or a cluttered digital setup to manage your emails? No more. Email Architect will help you stay organized so you can reach your full potential with email marketing


If your business is running a newsletter, you already know the importance of writing high quality emails every. single. time. Email Architect offers just that, a place to save your best writing, cut it into templates or simply by benefiting form all the pre-made components and templates inside.

Shops & Communities

Whether you're a local shop or an online community, if you're sending emails on the regular to your customers or members, you'll want Email Architect. It'll help you structure what sequences to send, when to send them and even help you write and build them!

Email marketers

If you're a dedicated email marketer, writing emails for yourself or for clients, Email Architect will help you do more of what you do best. It'll help you by offering a structured system to keep track of multiple channels or projects all at once.

This is why Email Architect is for you

So you've finally gotten your first 100 subscribers to your newsletter. Or you just hit your 10,000th subscriber.

You've sent out some first newsletter editions and had great response. Or maybe you've written your 100th edition and are running on an empty tank for your next one.

Imagine if you had a database of subject lines, topics, power words or even sequence templates to pick from. Maybe you need a launch sequence to launch your first product. Where do you begin? In what order do you send the emails? What's the system?

This is where Email Architect comes in...

Who says you have to be stuck using the same old Email Software with limited writing capabilities?

No one says that.

My name is Pascio. As a rising creator myself, building my digital brand and email list, I desperately needed software like this.

I wanted to up my email writing game, and pimp up my processes, but writing inside Convertkit and Mailchimp genuinely sucked. So I had to build it myself.

The 7 critical features that email software should offer:

  1. Templates and components - a place to save and reuse what performs
  1. Drag & Drop builder - using your templates and components to write emails by dragging and dropping
  1. Multiple channels - organize your email marketing even when running multiple channels;
  1. Email projects - create and monitor progress on projects like long sequences or email blasts;
  1. Idea Database - keep track of your great ideas in one place, pull them up when writing emails;
  1. Email Manager - batch write your emails and easily sort them later on an easy-to-use Kanban board
  1. Pre-made components & templates - Every email software should come with pre-built templates to use. Email Architect provides just that, to help you save endless amounts of time and money.

Email Architect offers all that and more...

4 email marketing problems, solved.

One place to organize

Email Architect offers a place to collect all your thoughts, emails, ideas, templates or frameworks. No need to switch between apps to manage your email writing. Simply pull up your templates and start writing.

Batch writing in less clicks

Email Architect is designed as minimally as possible to offer a tidy writing experience optimized for batch writing by simply drag & dropping emails into the drafts or the bin - or directly scheduling them into the calendar.

Manage multiple projects

Manage different email marketing channels or create custom email projects. Schedule the writing of your long 10-12 email sequence and even track real-time progress on your projects.

Pre-built components

When writers block hits, having a database of curated ideas, components, templates and inspiration will help tremendously. Email Architect offers just that. Add your own templates or use the pre-built ones.

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What is Notion?
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Notion is free-to-use project management tool that you can use to think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want.

What are Notion templates?
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A Notion template is any publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated. They allow you to share your favorite workflows with the community, or duplicate other workflows that you want to use. Visit our template gallery to see how others in the community are using Notion.

What is Notion used for?
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Notion can be used for a wide variety of personal or business purposes. You can take notes, create a daily journal, track your progress as you build new habits, manage your finances, or run an entire company. Check out our template gallery to discover more uses.