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Notionland is a new platform created for those who want to elevate their Notion experience. We believe in providing unparalleled value to the ecosystem for both users and creators alike by being the one-stop-shop for all things Notion.

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Frequently Asked Queestions

What is Notion?
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Notion is free-to-use project management tool that you can use to think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want.

What are Notion templates?
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A Notion template is any publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated. They allow you to share your favorite workflows with the community, or duplicate other workflows that you want to use. Visit our template gallery to see how others in the community are using Notion.

What is Notion used for?
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Notion can be used for a wide variety of personal or business purposes. You can take notes, create a daily journal, track your progress as you build new habits, manage your finances, or run an entire company. Check out our template gallery to discover more uses.