How to Use Notion AI: 5 Powerful Commands

Are you tired of manually updating your to-do list, calendar, and notes? Fortunately, you can now automate those processes with Notion's new artificial intelligence tool, built right into your workspace. Notion AI is a powerful tool that can help you automate and streamline your daily tasks. I'll walk you through the basics of using Notion AI and show you how it can speed up your daily workflow to help save you time. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just looking for a better way to manage your life, Notion AI can help you stay organized and productive.

The Basics of Notion AI

How to Enable Notion AI

Recently Notion AI was released publicly for everyone to use on desktop, web browser and mobile. Every new and existing Notion account now has access so there are no additional steps needed. If you don't currently see it on your account, refresh and check for any update notifications.

How to Use Notion AI


  1. Sign into Notion on desktop, web or mobile.
  2. Open any page.
  3. Type /ai to view a full list of commands. Select one to continue.
  4. If don't have any specific command in mind you can just type / + space and continue typing your custom command to generate a response.

New Page Assist

If you want to create a new page and have Notion AI help with the process, you can create a new page and select the Write with AI... option at the top.

How Much is Notion AI?

Notion AI is available for everyone to use, but every account has a limit of 20 free responses. To continue using it, you can upgrade your account for a small monthly free to get unlimited access.

5 Powerful Notion AI Commands

Here are 5 examples of commands you can use for Notion AI that will save you time throughout your day. Notion is adding new command options regularly, so I encourage you to keep an eye out for those and be creative with the ones currently available.

1. Summarizing Pages

Let's say you just left a meeting, wrote down notes during your class, or even brainstormed an idea you had. Notion AI makes it easy to take pages full of text and summarize it all in a paragraph.

Notion AI Command: /summary

2. Fixing Grammar

If you want to make your writing appear more professional and legible I highly recommend trying this command. This can work for emails, blog posts, tweets, rants - whatever you want. Let Notion AI help you identify those mistakes before you publish content or share a message.

Notion AI Command: /fix

3. Creating Meeting Agendas

Have you ever gone into a meeting wishing you had an outline to neatly sort all of your notes? I''ll, there's a command for that too. Before you start your next meeting, have Notion AI write an outline so you can easily organize your thoughts and keep track of important information.

Notion AI Command: /meeting agenda

4. Creating Action Items

Sometimes you end up leaving a meeting and don't quite remember what your next steps should be. With this command Notion AI can quickly read all of your notes and generate the action items you need to handle next.

Notion AI Command: /action items

5. Writing Blog Posts

Everyone is creating content faster with the help of artificial intelligence. Notion AI makes it possible to get over the hurdle of writer's block and

Notion AI Command: /blog post

I hope you try all of these commands and see which one helps you the most. Notion is investing in the artificial intelligence space very heavily so I'm sure that I'll be writing another post with more new commands to try in the near future.

If you're ready to try out Notion AI, you can create a free Notion account here.

Article by
Matt Hamilton
June 5, 2023
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