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75 Hard Challenge Planner

75 Hard Challenge Planner

Conquer the 75 hard challenge.

Commit to the 75 Hard challenge, transform your mindset and body.

Our new 75 Hard Challenge Tracker Notion Template makes it easy to monitor your progress. Let this template become your own personal support guide, encouraging you to stay disciplined, determined, and achieve mental toughness as you conquer each day of this transformative 75 day program.

Track Your 75 Day Transformation With Our 75 Hard Challenge Tracker Notion Template. Our highly requested 75 hard dark Mode Notion template helps you keep track of your progress on the 75 Hard fitness challenge, promising not only a physical transformation but a testament to your mental toughness. The template was specifically made to help you stay consistent, motivated and let you witness your incredible transformation over a course of 75 days.

Transform your life, one day at a time.

Embrace the 75 Hard Challenge and use our Notion template to help keep you on track every single day. With powerful tools including gratitude lists, measurement logs and grocery lists, this template was designed to support you every step of the way in your transformative journey towards mental toughness and improved fitness.

Stay committed and organized on your 75 Hard Challenge with our intuitive Notion Template.

Designed in Notion Dark Mode for clear visibility, this tracker will help you monitor your progress every single day, enabling you to develop not just physically but mentally too. So embark on a journey of mental and physical transformation with the 75 Hard Challenge Tracker Notion Template. Stay consistent and accountable with powerful support tools including multiple journals, goal trackers, reading lists, podcasts list, and more.

Ready to challenge yourself? Start the 75 Hard challenge today! 

What is The 75 Hard Challenge? 

The 75 Hard program is something truly special—it's all about building mental toughness and transforming yourself.

When you check out the 75 Hard information page, you'll see headlines that say things like, "Imagine it as an Ironman for your mind" and "Discover how to seize total control of your life in just 75 days." This whole program was put together by Andy Frisella. He's not just any guy; he's the CEO of 1st Phorm International, a supplement company that rakes in a cool $175 million a year. But that's not all, Andy's a real go-getter. He's started up five more businesses in the supplement industry.

Besides being a big shot in business, Andy's also a public speaker. He's got a few podcasts up his sleeve, like the "MFCEO Project" and the "Real AF Podcast." Andy gave birth to the 75 Hard program back in 2019, and by the end of 2020, it was catching fire.

According to Andy, 75 Hard can supercharge a bunch of things in your life, like:








Sure, it's got a fitness side to it, but 75 Hard is really about transforming your whole life, not just your body.

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