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5 Ways to Use Notion AI for Productivity

Notion has announced their new AI feature that is in alpha stage.

It’s a very powerful tool, but how can you get the most out of it as a notion user? Here are 5 ideas from a Notion Certified creator.

But first, what is Notion AI?

5 ways to use Notion AI:

1. Blog Posts

Generate an entire post instantly, make your edits, and publish to web within minutes using a tool like @blotion_.


2. Press Releases

Get a professionally written press release written by AI that you can share with the world for your brand launch, product launch, partnership, etc. Share it via Notion or publish your new release on a custom site using Webflow.


3. Side Hustle Ideas

Use the AI to generate new ideas for a business you can start up and start earning a side income from. When you find an idea you like, build it out and launch it on Gumroad.


4. Email marketing

Instantly generate quality sales emails that you can share with your audience. Use a tool like Commotion to bulk send emails directly from notion.


5. Social Media Marketing

Get fresh ideas for your content that you can add to your schedule. When your idea is ready, use a tool like Make to automatically post your content from your planner in Notion to social media.


That’s a wrap for now. We’re excited to keep exploring this tool and share more ideas as we experiment.

If you’d like to join the Notion AI waitlist, click here.

New to Notion? Click here to create a free account.

Article by
Matt Hamilton
December 23, 2022